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In a globalized world as one in which we live, the barriers are less and less important and the distances smaller and smaller. Technologies, the web, the social networks , the low cost flights make our world smaller .

In this shrinking world in terms of “dimensions”, there are more chances in terms of business.

These chances , often, you can pick up just by using a computer and an internet connection; but, sometimes, you need to have a physical reference, material, appropriate and professional to carry through your business in another country.

So, if you’re thinkingof doing business in Italy, I can beyour partner for consulting and professional services related to:

  •  Analysis of the business project
  • Choosing the type of company
  • Analysis of the legal structure
  • Assistance in setting up corporate and Start – up
  •  Tax compliance and administrative services
  •  Analysis of operating cost
  •  Book-keeping
  •  Preparation and analysis of periodic reports
  •  Payroll Services
  •  Advisory in extraordinary corporate operations and merger and acquisitions
  •  Research Partners and Capital
  •  Management and contract consulting
  •  Strategic Planning
  •  Web marketing strategies and brand enhancement
  •  Franchising and Retail Development
  •  Others tailored services you need

The services can be provided directly in the offices in Bari, Rome and Milan, or directly at the headquarter of your business. Call to have a contact or to get more informations and assess the possibility of starting your business in Italy; with over 20 years of experience, I can find the best solution to your needs.

Trust and experience provided by my italian consulting firm.

All the services and the entire professional relationship can be provided  both in italian and  in english .

You can contact me at, mobile +39 3484726017 or on Skype: frank28700

Don’t wait ! Every day you wait , is a lost day !

Francesco Leone

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